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Australia - The Final Destination

Australia is a land of adventure, drawing thousands of people annually, including gap year students, vacationers, and families, for exploration, education, or just mellow relaxation. If you have ever dreamed about white water rafting in Tasmania, snorkelling in the sapphire Great Barrier Reef, or riding a camel through the rusty deserts around Alice Springs, Totally Australia can help you make it happen.

Whether you have a week or six months for your holiday in Australia, Totally Australia is your one-stop destination for everything you need, from flights to car rentals to hotels. We offer booking for flights to all major Australian cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, and more.

Totally Australia will provide for your accommodation needs as well, helping you book hotel rooms, guesthouses, or hostels, with your needs and budget in mind. If you are interested in exploring the many natural and man-made wonders of Australia independently, a rental car booked through Totally Australia can provide all your travel needs safely and affordably.

Are you ready for excitement and adventure, abseiling and snowboarding, bushwalking and four-wheel driving? Totally Australia is ready, too, to help you book your reservations and set off for the holiday of a lifetime, filled with thrills and fun in the down-under sun.


No Longer so Exclusive

It is the perfect combination of relaxation and sophistication: Brisbane. Brisbane may almost appear to fade into the background when seen next to such Australian jewels as Sydney and Melbourne. Nevertheless, when examined all on its own, it shows itself as a glittering gem in its own right. Indeed, travellers to Australia are discovering this, with flights to Brisbane now so popular they are known as a part of the famous Golden Triangle, a flight route that includes both Melbourne and Sydney.

Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland. With one-fifth of its population born overseas and a beautiful climate, this city appeals to a broad range of people. Cosmopolitan and diverse and buzzing with life, Brisbane has plenty to keep its visitors engaged.

Wineries, entertainment venues, sporting events, shopping districts, art and culture, and outdoor adventures whirl together into a vibrant mixture of creativity and activity. Whether you prefer to grab a quick meal at an eclectic café or dine riverside, check out the local music scene or browse the lively urban villages or shop at the Queen Street Mall, you’re sure to stay busy throughout your stay.

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Considering a Holiday in Australia?

For those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, Australia seems like the perfect destination. Not only are its seasons in reverse to ours i.e., during our winter it is summer there, but also it is so big, that there is always great weather somewhere in Australia.

Being on the other side of the world though, does mean that the flight to Australia is not cheap! That said, if you know where to look, it need not be as expensive as you think either.

Australia travel flights can include up to 24 hours of travel, and this will not change, but the price need not break the bank with a little research, and a good choice of company.

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A Gap Year in Australia

There is a tradition of people in Great Britain of taking what is termed a gap year. This gap year may be between high school and university, university and work, or a gap year from work itself! With international travel becoming more and more affordable, it is no longer unusual for people to travel the world for a year or more.

One of the most popular destinations for people travelling abroad from Great Britain, is Australia. With a common language and many cultural links, millions of Britons flock down under every year. Because it is so far away, though, it pays to do some research to find the best cheap international flights.

Using the internet, it is possible to find great deals on flights, accommodation and destinations to visit in Australia. With a little patience and diligence, it is possible to find the best ways to shave money off of the most expensive parts of a trip, such as the flight. Any money saved, means that you can spend more when you are in Aus!

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Escape the Winter Blues in Australia

With winter becoming darker and colder for those people that live in Europe and the United Kingdom, many people's minds turn to escaping the cold climate, and taking a holiday. A winter holiday in the sun is just the thing to lift the spirits as the daylight hours grow shorter and shorter.

Fortunately, when it is winter in the UK, it is coming up to the summer months down under. Perfect! It may be a long way to fly, but when you get there, you can be guaranteed great weather and a far more relaxed attitude to life. Time to use the internet and type in flights to Adelaide!

By having a little browse around, you will be able to find some quite nice deals on flights to Australia, with a variety of airlines. It is a long flight, so if you are going to book one of the airlines, it is best to make sure what facilities they have on the flight.

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My Flight From Australia To New Zealand

Leaving Sydney and heading to Auckland, New Zealand, I’m destined for a big adventure, I know. After searching for and finding the best cheap flights New Zealand, I am ready for my first trip to the country. New Zealand is quite small compared to Australia. It's a little smaller than the state of Colorado. Nevertheless, with rugged mountain ranges, volcanic plateaus, primeval rainforests, silken beaches, stunning fiords, and alpine glaciers, it's incredibly diverse.

I’m hoping to try a little bit of everything New Zealand has to offer. In the meantime, Auckland is known as the land of adrenaline rushes, and I hope to imbibe just a little. The Auckland Bridge Bungy, abseiling under waterfalls less than an hour from the CBD, and sky jumping will be a great start to my New Zealand adventure. After Auckland comes Rotorua, named as New Zealand’s best city for six different years, two of those in a row.

With 16 lakes, walking and mountain biking trails, and one of the world’s top 10 spas with 26 different mineral baths, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. I suppose I could continue on with the same kinds of adventures I started in Auckland. After all, Rotorua has rafting, kayaking, and air safaris. Instead, I think I’d rather soak in the luxury of Rotorua and enjoy an eco-cruise, followed by a day of soaking in a mineral bath and enjoying the pampering atmosphere of The Lake Spa.

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Australian Holidays

If you're looking for a place that has a vast variety of splendours to offer, look no further than Australia! It is impossible not to think of sun, sand and surfing when one thinks of Australia, however, there is much more to this country than that!

Australia is a haven for nature lovers, with golden beaches to rich rainforests and arid plains. Being cut off from other land masses, unique flora and fauna has evolved on the Australian subcontinent - think kangaroos, koalas and Tasmanian devils, among many others.

Australian cities also offer a host of other entertainment options for tourists. From shopping to restaurants, clubs and cultural venues, Australia has it all. It is also very well connected internationally, with flights connecting all major Australian cities internationally. It is easy to find a flight to Australia.

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Travelling to Australia

Australia is a beautiful and exciting country and every year more and more people flock to its shores, keen to view the Great Barrier Reef and celebrated Sydney Opera House. Planning a successful trip, however, can be difficult for first-timers and some advice from seasoned travellers cannot go amiss.

Australia is an enormous country, almost as vast as North America, and so tourists should realise, before they head out, that with limited time, they probably won't get to see everything. It is important that visitors are selective, picking a few destinations and organising to journey between them, either by car or inter-city plane.

When it comes to the details, potential visitors may find that, especially in the case of locating Sydney Flights and Accommodation don't seem to come cheap, however click here for good advice and information on Sydney travel. This is partly because planes flying out to Australia from Europe and America have to go half way around the world, using a lot of fuel and several pilots and aslo due to the terrible exchange rate.

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The Real Australians

When one is asking 'are the indigenous people of Australia the real Australians', one must also ask who are the real, or 'first' people on any continent. It is said, for example, that the original people coming to North America crossed the land mass at Alaska and were the first people on the land, but were they the 'real' American?. The American Indians, on the other hand, claim that they were the first people while, in reality, they were probably descendants from those original first people.

When trying to distinguish between real and original there is a problem. Of course, the indigenous (in old English meaning 'first or earliest known') were the Aboriginal people. They most certainly were real but were they the original people occupying the country?

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