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Australia Travel Packages and Itinerary Suggestions

Searching for the best Australia travel packages can be a time-consuming task. It does not have to be. Having a plan of attack can help you locate the best rate faster and with less frustration and design a travel itinerary that works not just with your schedule but also your own unique interests.

Finding Great Deals

1. Be flexible.
You may need rigidity in certain respects, such as your travel dates, but being flexible whenever possible can often help you get better deals. Be open to alternative travel dates, flight classes and hotel choices, which are all great ways to find a good deal.

2. Shop around.
Visit multiple travel sites and comparison shop to get not only the lowest prices but also the best deal.

3. Look for discounts.
Discounts are often available for students, members of the military, seniors, frequent flyers and others. You may also be able to locate member discounts for credit cards and other club programs. Purchasing a travel package allows you to bundle the services you already need and often discounts the prices, which can result in significant savings.

4. Consider alternatives.
Many travellers enjoy the freedom of planning their own vacations, but guided tours, eco-tourism and adventure travel packages all offer you insights, opportunities and adventures you may not be able to access on your own or may simply not consider.

5. Talk to the pros.
Travel pros may have access to insider deals and special offers to which those in the general public may not be privy.

6. Beware of hidden fees.
Many seemingly great deals turn out to be not such great deals at all thanks to the hidden fees that are so often attached to them. Airlines may charge extra for baggage, and hotels may add on surcharges. Read the fine print on every offer before signing on the dotted line or clicking to buy.

7. Plan ahead.
Planning ahead allows you to create a personalized itinerary that includes all the activities and encounters you would like to experience. Begin to research your options and make your plans about six weeks in advance so that you can narrow down your options, book your travel packages at the best possible prices and lock in your travel dates.

Planning Your Itinerary

First-time visitors to Australia often opt to visit all the country’s cultural icons from Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and the Opera House to the Red Centre and Cairns. Carefully planning your itinerary can help you relax and better enjoy your trip. Self-drive holidays are popular ways to see the east and south coasts or to travel along the Great Ocean Road. Must-see stops on any visit to Australia include Uluru with all its magic and wonder, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef, vibrant Sydney and artistic Melbourne.

If you have several weeks to spend in the country, visit Sydney, Uluru, Alice Springs, Darwin and Cairns so that you can get the perfect blend of cosmopolitan city life, the rugged Red Centre and the lush Great Barrier Reef. If you are ready to get up close and personal with the country’s exotic wildlife, start at Sydney and work your way through Darwin, Cairns and Cape Tribulation. Take a walk on the wild side in Kakadu, Alice Springs, Uluru, Fitzroy Island and Cairns. Wine aficionados may prefer starting off in the Hunter Valley wine region and working their way through Barossa Valley and Clare Valley, stopping off intermittently to explore quaint towns and sandy beaches.

If you only have a week, try Sydney and Cairns, which can allow you to explore more of what makes Australia special in less time, including the cultural icons and the one-of-a-kind wildlife. You can also spend a week exploring Tasmania. Begin in Hobart, cross the oldest bridge in the country, shop Salamanca Market and then head to Port Arthur and historic convict sites.



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