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Flights in Australia from Sydney to Melbourne

The well-travelled flight route from Sydney to Melbourne is considered the fifth busiest route in the world and sees 7 million travellers annually. Dozens of flights from Sydney arrive at Tullamarine Airport every day, which makes it easy to book your flights from Sydney to Melbourne, Australia. Airfare is available for virtually every budget and travel need.

Melbourne Airport

Tullarmarine Airport is Melbourne’s international airport and is considered one of the top five airports in the world. It operates around the clock and seven days a week, and more than two dozen airlines arrive and depart daily. Flights arrive from all over Australia and the globe each day, which means that the airport is bustling at the best of times. Airlines that fly the Sydney to Melbourne route include Virgin Australia, Jetstar, Tiger Airways, Qantas, British Airways, China Eastern Emirates and American Airlines.

Flight Prices

Airfare can vary significantly throughout the week and even throughout the day.

• Sunday flights range from 55.50 for economy class tickets to $542.00 for business class tickets.
• Monday flights begin at $85.50.
• Tuesdays offer discounted flights starting at a very reasonable $55.50.
• Flights on Wednesdays start at 65.50.
• Thursday flights are available starting at just $75.50.
• Friday prices start to increase in anticipation of heavier weekend travel, and prices start at $115.01.
• Economy airfare on Saturday starts at $115.01.

Finding the Best Airfare

Airfare can also vary according to the time of year. Peak travel prices will often be quite a bit pricier than travel during the off-season. Many people opt to fly during the shoulder season, which allows them to still enjoy many of the perks of peak-travel season without the pricing extremes. Booking your flight online can net you significant savings. You can also save by comparing airfare on different airlines and signing up for email lists that include the latest offers or discounts.

Travel Plans

The airport is located just 25 kilometres from Melbourne’s CBD, and passengers can travel to and from the airport using taxis, buses, sky shuttles, ride share programs and rental cars. The airport also features a variety of parking options from short- to long-term parking lots. You can book your parking online. Prices range from $19.90 for the long-term car park with shuttle service to $99.00 for weekend express parking, which is within walking distance. Restaurants and duty-free shopping are both located in Melbourne’s airport.


Accommodations in Melbourne range from traditional hotels and motels to furnished apartments, serviced apartments, bed-and-breakfasts and youth hostels. As with flights, there are accommodations available to suit virtually every travel need, every personality and every budget.

History of Melbourne

The capital of Victoria and Australia’s second largest city, eclectic Melbourne has been voted the world’s most liveable city. Tasmanian settlers began to arrive in 1835. They acquired land from the Aboriginal tribes who lived along Port Phillip Bay and the Yarra River, and they named their new city after the second Viscount Melbourne, William Lamb, who was then the British prime minister. Just over 15 years later, Victoria became independent. The discovery of gold led to a building boom and an influx of new settlers.

The end of World War II triggered a second population boom, and the city blossomed. Although Melbourne was largely Anglo-Celtic initially, immigrants from Greece, Italy and Southeast Asia began arriving along with Jewish settlers. Melbourne began to transform to meet the needs of its burgeoning population. High rises replaced many of the original buildings, and streets stretched out in all directions. Those that were left were preserved as the culturally and historically significant structures that they were.

Visiting Melbourne

Melbourne is perhaps best known for its underground art culture, but it also offers sophisticated rooftop bars, vast green places and tucked-away coffee shops. The CBD is more than just a single district but is rather an eclectic group of neighbourhoods that include posh shopping, trendy boutiques, laid-back cafés, world-class restaurants, creative galleries, sports and gardens along the Yarra River. You can spend an afternoon at St. Kilda, walk through the hallowed roads perusing Victorian architecture or take in an art festival. Your holiday is only limited by your imagination.


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