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Accommodation in Broome, Australia off the Beaten Track

Broome is located in The Kimberley in Western Australia. This remote pearling town is filled with history, character and culture and attracts thousands of visitors from across the globe. In fact, this small town grows to more than three times its usual size during the tourism season. Most people visiting Broome arrive from Perth, the capital of Western Australia, which is about 2.5 hours by air from Broome.

Broome Accommodations

Broome’s accommodations are extensive and varied to meet the needs of its global visitors. Hotel rooms and suites are common choices, but the city also features lush resorts, cosy bungalows and spacious rental apartments. Accommodation in Broome, Australia features modern amenities and all the creature comforts you have come to expect while on holiday. Broome is known for its awe-inspiring coastal views, and cruises to the Dampier Peninsula are available. Whale spotting is a top activity as humpback whales pass through.

Broome’s Surrounds

The Kimberley region of Australia is larger than both Tasmania and Victoria combined. It is a vast region that requires extensive planning for those who intend to drive from town to town. However, it also offers extensive options for four-wheeling enthusiasts. The Savannah Way and Gibb River Road are two of the top four-wheel-drive locations in the country. The Gibb River Road is more than 600 kilometres of adventure trekking through the Kimberley. Stop for a swim or invigorating walk, or check out the freshwater crocodiles in Windjana Gorge National Park. The Savannah Way is just as exciting and gives you an opportunity to a tropical holiday amongst the palms or a desert getaway complete with jutting crimson gorges and intriguing Aboriginal rock art.

History of Broome

Although the Dampier Peninsula was named after William Dampier, he was not the first European to visit the area now known as Broome. In fact, Dampier only travelled along the coastline from Shark Bay to La Grange Bay. Nearly a hundred years after Dampier’s 1699 explorations, a pearling industry was established near Roebuck Bay. The town was soon established and named after the then-Governor of Western Australia, Sir Frederick Broome. The people who settled here worked primarily in the pearling industry. The job was lucrative but dangerous, and today, nearly 1,000 Japanese divers from that period rest in a quiet Broome cemetery. Still other divers died at sea and were never recovered. Other groups also migrated to the area in search of jobs .A telegraph was laid shortly after Broome was established and connected Broome with Singapore and eventually England. The beach in which this cable was located was aptly named Cable Beach..

Broome Activities

Broome is exotic and exciting. Spend time browsing its collection of pink diamonds and lustrous Broome pearls, or spend an evening on the back of a camel on lovely Cable Beach. If you are in the mood to travel, head east of Broome to the Buccaneer Archipelago. These islands stretch out for kilometres across the jewel-coloured waters of the Timor Sea and combine beauty with wonder.

Broome is home to diverse nationalities, which are celebrated annually during the pearling festival, or the Shinju Matsuriand. The city features historic buildings that were built during its pearling heyday. Walk in the footsteps of long-ago pearlers as you visit an old pearling lugger, or take a trip to a pearling museum that traces the history of this distant town and the pioneers who first settled here.

Relax on Cable Beach, which features stunning white sands, turquoise waters and fiery cliffs for an explosion of colour. Here you can shop for South Sea pearls or spend an evening at the Staircase to the Moon, the natural phenomenon in Roebuck Bay that occurs as the tide recedes and the moon rises. On nights when the staircase is present, the beach markets are open and offer a range of crafts, handmade goods and foods to appeal to a wide market.


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