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The Barrier Highway, 1014 km of road that passes through both South Australia and NSW. If you do not want to drive the distance a discount flight from one distination in Australia to the other may work better for you.
Flights are available to all
corners of Australia

Are you ready to pack your bags and get away from it all? Now is the time to start researching cheap flights in Australia so that you can enjoy the tropical splendours of Cairns, the untouched beauty of Tasmania, the sophisticated vibe of Melbourne or the beaches and excitement of Sydney. Australia, with its expansive beaches, incredible mythology, lifelong love affair with the arts, rugged Outback and unusual endemic animals, is like no other place in the world.

Although Australia is a continent, it has a warm island feel to it thanks to its thousands of kilometres of beaches and its dense tropical rainforests. At its heart, however, is the Red Centre, a crimson stretch of desert that is hot, dry and anything but barren. The Red Centre is home to World Heritage site Uluru, world famous Alice Springs and more. Most who live in Australia reside in large, well-developed cities along the coastlines, and flights to Australia tend to fly to all these major and capital cities. In fact, these flights can be quite affordable depending on the time of year or even day you wish to fly.

One of the most common ways many people try to score cheap airfare is by waiting until the last minute. In the past, airlines would slash their rates dramatically in order to fill flights. Today, however, most flights are not only not suffering for a lack of passengers, but they are also overbooked. Waiting until the last minute to book your airfare can be a risky proposition that may either net you a great deal or leave you out in the cold without any tickets at all. The best time to start researching your airfare to Australia is about four weeks to four months before you plan to leave. If you are planning holiday travel, begin researching even earlier to ensure you get the flight you want or need and lock in the price.

Use a flight aggregator service to locate cheap flight deals, but be aware that the best prices are usually available earlier in the week. Many airlines begin to bump their prices as the week progresses. Additionally, airfare can also adjust as many as three times over the course of a day. Sign up for email alerts directly from the airlines themselves so that you have access to the inside scoop when the best deals become available. Travel sites also tend to send out alerts on airline sales and discounts as well as post information on trends, upcoming price hikes, historical data, fuel surcharges and more.

Finding cheap airfare is not always going to be easy. After all, airlines prefer to make a profit on every ticket they sell. That does not mean good deals are not available, however. With research and dedication, you can often find great deals that fit perfectly into your budget.


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