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Travel to Australia from the UK

If you are looking for the peaceful life in Australia take a stroll along the Swan river and book your flights to Perth Australia now.Nearly 650,000 British nationals schedule their flights to Australia from UK every year. If you are planning an Australian holiday this summer, it is time to research your options so that you can get the most out of your Australian holiday. Because the country is vast and includes remote areas that can be difficult to reach from the well-developed cosmopolitan cities, you may need to purchase airfare not just to travel to Australia but also to travel within the country.

British citizens do need valid passports and visas to travel to Australia. An electronic visitor visa is available through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, which charges no application or service fees. Electronic Travel Authorities, which do have a small service fee, are available from the airline upon which you travel. Health examinations and evidence of funds may be required in certain cases.

Flights from the U.K. to Australia can be lengthy. Travelling from London to Perth can take just over 18 hours while flights from London to Melbourne or Sydney are closer to 22 hours and will generally include a layover or a stopover. Many airlines fly from Europe to Australia, including:

• Air China
• Air Canada
• Cathay Pacific
• Air New Zealand
• Asiana Airlines
• China Southern
• Delta
• American Airlines
• British Airways
• Singapore Airlines
• Japan Airlines
• Virgin Atlantic
• Thai Airways
• Royal Brunei
• Qantas

Singapore is a common stop for flights from the U.K. to Australia. A stopover in Singapore can give you an opportunity to explore Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures and sample new foods from the street carts that are located on virtually every street. Shopping is one of the more popular activities for visitors to Singapore, but there are plenty of cultural experiences waiting for you.

Flights can vary widely in price. Flights from London to Sydney start at just over £920 for economy class tickets and £3,898 for business class tickets. Flights from London to Perth start at £594 for economy class and £2294 for business class. Flights to Melbourne start at £599 to £927 for business class.

Booking well in advance of your travel dates can often allow you to get the best deals. You may even be able to book your flights, hotels and car hires at the same time for a bundled deal, which can cut down on your costs for all your needs. If you are staying in one city, such as Sydney, you may have little need for a rental vehicle and can instead use public transportation to get where you need to be. However, many visitors to Australia enjoy travelling along the Great Ocean Road, which can give you four to five days of sightseeing and adventure before visiting Melbourne or flying back to Sydney.

Australia’s seasons run opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that when it is summer in the U.K., Australia is enjoying its winter season. Australia’s winter is known for its cooler temperatures ranging from 19°C to 31°C and dryer weather. Temperatures only rarely drop below freezing at night. June, July and August tend to be the busiest travel months. September and October are also pleasant months for visits. The weather is still warm enough for visits to the country's plentiful beaches, but it is still cool enough to visit the hot Red Centre comfortably.

PHOTO: A stroll along the Swan river in Perth, Western Australia, with the Perth skyline in the background.


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