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Exploring the Natural State by Car

A trip to Australia cannot be complete without visiting the island state of Tasmania. Separated from the rest of Australia by the Bass Strait, the island has quite a different landscape from the rest of the country.

Tasmania is the most mountainous of the Australian states. Much of the island is densely forested and is in a mainly unspoilt condition, hence earning the island the title of the Natural State.

Hobart is the state capital and the largest city and attracts a large number of both national and international tourists, drawn by the city's large number of cultural and historical attractions. As the largest city on the island, most tourist facilities and services such as shopping and car hire are well catered for here. Car hire Hobart is readily available and is a competitively priced method of being able to explore Hobart and the rest of the island independently and at your own leisure.

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Exploring Brisbane and Beyond

With a population of around two million inhabitants, Brisbane is the largest city in the Australian State of Queensland, and the third largest in the country.

Brisbane attracts a large number of both national and international tourists, due to its many musically themed attractions, such as the Queensland Performing Arts Centre and the Brisbane Powerhouse.

The city's convenient location enables tourists a relatively easy travel to one of Australia's most unique and iconic landmarks, the Great Barrier Reef. This, along with its proximity to the rain forests of Queensland, makes the city a popular stop-over destination.

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Exploring Sydney at Your Leisure

Covering an area of over 12,000 square kilometres and home to over 4.5 million people, Sydney and its suburbs covers a vast area for tourists and visitors to fully explore. As would be expected of a city of its size and popularity, Sydney does boast an extensive public transport system. This includes an extensive rail network connecting the suburbs and places further a field to the city. There is also an underground network and a monorail in and around the central districts.

Due to the city's enviable location surrounding a large natural harbour and numerous smaller inlets, the ferry is another important transport method for connecting the centre and the suburbs.

Despite the city being extremely well served by public transport, many more adventurous and independently minded visitors prefer car rental Sydney, to allow them the freedom to explore the many attractions this magnificent city has to offer at their leisure.

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The Best Way to Independently Explore Australia

Australia is a vast and sparsely populated country. This makes distances between its largest settlements enormous, as the majority of its inhabitants live in and around the major cities, usually on the coasts.

Due to these geographical conditions, Australia affords an extensive transport system. The majority of Australian inhabitants and visitors fly from one population centre to another, although there is also an extensive road and rail network criss-crossing the country's barren interior.

Car rental Australia is an ideal alternative for those wishing to travel independently and at their own leisure. They must, however, ensure they hire an adequately equipped vehicle, carrying all the provisions needed to comfortably and safely cover some of the vast distances involved when travelling across this wilderness.

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Finding Affordable Car Rental in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is an Australian island located 150 miles south of the mainland. It is quite large with over 26 thousand square miles of land, making it the 26th largest island on earth. For this reason, most tourists that visit the island must rent a car to get around. In this article we are going to discuss car rental Tasmania.

Road trips and sporting adventures are the most popular daily activities for tourists on Tasmania. But because nearly everyone that visits the island rents a car it is important to plan ahead and locate a reliable vehicle as soon as possible. The place to start is on the internet. There you will find dozens of reputable car rental agencies on Tasmania.

You can either search for specific agencies or visit a travel review website. Because they give shoppers the ability to compare prices from several different companies, we recommend that you use a review site. Not only are these sites a cinch to navigate, but they can also save you time and money on car rentals. It may even be possible to find a package deal.

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