TotallyAustralia.com.au is your source for travel advice and is designed to aid both first-time and seasoned travellers. We want to help you get the most out of your travel to or through Australia, regardless of why you are here, whether for business or pleasure. Australia is a vast country, filled with diverse cultures, landscapes and climates.
Knowing what to expect, where to expect it and how to maximize your time here is our central focus, but we also take the time to walk you through the latest regulations, laws and even travel news. We want to ensure you get your money’s worth no matter why you are visiting or where you travels in Australia ultimately take you. Budget travel information, ideas for affordable accommodations and great ideas for entertainment are all here, too.
We collect travel news, photos, journals, videos and more from across the country and bring them together to share with you. We even include blogs, personal stories and articles from writers around the globe. Whether you want to read the story of another traveller’s holiday or peruse the country’s passport regulations and other laws pertaining to travel, Totally Australia is eager to help.
Once upon a time, Totally Australia was just a group of World Escape friends and business partners. Returning to an old home, Amsterdam in 2009, we began solidifying our idea for a one-stop Australian travel website.
Our site was formally launched in April 2010. Our background is in the hospitality management and travel fields, and we currently reside in Australia. We believe this makes us uniquely qualified to help you design the Australian holiday of your dreams.
We invite you to explore our site, read some of our articles and blogs, and check out available deals on flights, car rental and accommodations. We are confident that we can help you get more than you could have imagined out of your holiday or business travels. Sign up to receive notification every time we publish a new entry, or click on our socila media buttons at the bottom of this page.

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