5 Points You Must Know About Australian Customs When Travelling To Australia

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service is the government agency responsible for protecting Australia’s borders. More than 22 million travellers cross those borders every year, and Australian customs agents have the responsibility of preventing the unauthorised entry of goods or people, checking passports and collecting duty or taxes, and guarding against criminal activity.

Very good advice is to know the custom laws before entering Australia

If you are planning a visit to Australia or returning from a visit abroad, the Australian government’s customs website can help you save valuable time, reduce confusion about laws and regulations, and promote traveller safety by ensuring you are properly prepared.

The Australian customs site provides incoming and outgoing travellers with crucial information on a diverse range of topics, including:

1. Papers and documents You will need your passport and Passenger Card, as well as a boarding pass if you are flying. Save time by having your Passenger Card completed and available at all times. Declare medications and restricted goods, and be aware of duty-free concessions and other applicable regulations.

2. Duties and taxes Not all goods are necessarily subject to duty and taxes. For instance, many personal items are considered duty-free. Limits may apply to goods that were purchased abroad or in a duty-free shop.

3. Quarantine Certain items, including those made from animal products, may be prohibited and subject to seizure. Others may require permits.

4. Imports and exports Customs affects everyone who imports or exports anything into or out of Australia. If you purchase anything from abroad, you may be responsible for paying a Goods and Services Tax, or GST, on those goods.

5. Links to other sites No one site can have it all, so links you to all the government-related information you need before setting off on your holiday or business trip.

Customs is major player when it comes to keeping Australian borders safe. Australian customs agents are taxed with the responsibility of keeping citizens and visitors safe while monitoring for criminal or risky activities. Make their jobs easier by knowing what you can and cannot bring across the borders and what you need in hand by visiting Australia’s customs website today.


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