7 Dirty Secrets You Need to Know If Travelling to Sydney, Australia

Updated: Jun 9, 2018

Sydney is one of the most travelled cities in the world with more than 4 million international travellers and 8 million domestic travellers every year. Europeans first settled Sydney in the 1780s. Since then, it has grown and blossomed into a spectacular world-class city and has consistently ranked amongst the top cities in the world. If you are planning on joining one of the millions of visitors to Sydney, here is what you need to know.

1. What are the people like?

Sydney is a cosmopolitan city with 40 percent of its 4.4 million residents born overseas. The city is home to people from Britain, China, New Zealand, Vietnam, Lebanon, Italy, South Africa and many other places. The culture is vibrantly diverse with large Greek, Filipino, Indian and South Korean populations. Sydneysiders tend to be warm, friendly, welcoming people with a love of art, culture and the warm beaches that stretch along Sydney’s coastline.

2. What is the climate?

Whether you enjoy sun and surf or exciting outdoor markets and exotic nightlife, Sydney has your needs covered, and the climate is perfect for just about any activity you want to enjoy. Temperatures during the summer average between a warm 18 and 25 degrees Celsius in the summer and between 9 and 17 degrees Celsius in the winter. More than 300 sunny days every year keep residents outside and active.

3. Is Sydney expensive?

Prices can vary quite a bit depending on when you travel and where you stay. Public transportation makes it easy to get around the city, and you can choose from car hires, water taxis, ferries, trains, city shuttle bus, sightseeing bus and other great options. A MyMulti Day Pass gives you unlimited one-day travel throughout the city for just $23 for adults and $11.50 for children. Costs for attractions are often quite affordable and include discounted rates for children, seniors and others.

4. What about accommodations?

Sydney is well-equipped to handle visitors from all walks of life. With hundreds of hotel rooms, backpacker hostels, furnished apartments, five-star hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and boutique hotels, you are guaranteed to find the best accommodations for your needs and your budget.

5. What can I do there?

There is so much for visitors of all ages! Sydney is home to some amazing historic locations from The Rocks, where modern day Sydney was born, to the Coat Hanger, or Sydney Harbour Bridge, which can be climbed for a spectacular one-of-a-kind view of the city below. Sydney has the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Taronga Zoo, the Powerhouse Museum, the Sydney Opera House, art museums, history museums, libraries, art galleries, festivals, beaches, surfing, swimming, wine tasting and enough shopping to satisfy even the most devoted retail therapist. In fact, for most visitors to Sydney, the problem is not so much what to do but what to trim from the to-do list to stay on schedule.

6. How do I get to Sydney?

Sydney’s Kingsford-Smith Airport welcomes flights from around the globe. International visitors will need to fly in to the city. Domestic travellers can fly, take a train or drive in to Sydney. International air travel can be pricey, but Sydney is such a popular destination that specials are frequently available.

7. What do I need to bring?

Besides yourself, you need to bring your passport, tourist visa and flight tickets. An electronic travel visa is great for those staying fewer than three months and means one less thing on your packing list. If you plan to drive, bring along a valid driver’s license. Sydney seasons run opposite of those in the Northern Hemisphere, so pack accordingly and choose clothing based on your preferred activities. A camera is a must-have to remember the colorful natural beauty and stunning architecture of Sydney. A travel guide can help you find your way around, and high-quality sunblock or sunscreen can protect you from Australia’s bright sun.

Sydney is a city with something to appeal to everyone. Individuals, lovers, friends and families can spend hours lost in the beauty and excitement of the city. Whether you enjoy history, the theatre, art, music or surf and sun, Sydney can accommodate you.

The iconic Sydney Harbour


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